partner solutions

We offer the best solutions available in the industry to secure their industrial automation and control systems infrastructure. ORIGNIX strategically partners with industry-recognized product and solution vendors to provide exceptional service and to allow you to obtain the best value.


Physical security and access monitoring to ICS facilities is the cornerstone of creating a safe environment.

Cyber Secure Power Management

Redundant power management is critical for ensuring continuous and reliable operations.

Zero Trust Network Access & Unified Secure Networking

Providing zero-trust network access and securing mission-critical networks with micro-segmentation are fundamentals to securing network-enabled ICS components. No more complex ACL management.

Cyber Access Management & Remote Access Monitoring

Practical and robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows your plant managers and operators to securely control, monitor, and audit access to their ICS by local and remote technicians and third-party vendors.

Cyber Audit/Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability identification and mitigation are crucial for mitigating threats to your ICS mission-critical components.

Control Systems

Utilizing process control and safety products that are specifically designed and engineered with cybersecurity built into them is an inherently safer and more secure approach to plant design rather than adding protective cybersecurity equipment.