The One Tool to Manage Your IT Resources

For enterprises looking to take complete management control over their IT Resources, Orignix offers a powerful Resource Management Tool, Vantage. With Vantage, your organization can estimate resource needs, identify shortages, allocate appropriate personnel and provide an accurate view of IT resourcing to your leadership team, in real time. Vantage allows your organization to plan, manage and adapt resources to reduce costs, boost performance and maximize efficiency.

Manage Demand

With an accurate view of current and future demand, you’ll be able to predict growth areas, isolate declines in demand, and recognize demands that are inter-related.

  • See where every dollar is going and budget accordingly
  • Know how to meet new and existing demands
  • Assign the right people to the right work, at the right time

Manage Capacity

By maximizing the utilization of your resources, you’ll be better able to match tasks to skillsets, strategically deploy personnel to meet capacity needs and increase morale by assigning the right people to the right work.

  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance decision-making
  • Gain visibility, insight and control over all work
  • Maintain your existing corporate culture
  • Minimize implementation time and complexity
  • Apply its many features in other departments

Manage Time

Vantage allows you to quickly see how all of your available resources are being used in relation to corporate strategy and how funds are being allocated, enabling you to set priorities and make accurate future estimates.

  • Start initiating and fulfilling demand requests
  • Get real-time view of all available resource capacity
  • Track time against demand
  • Make accurate estimates to complete the demand
  • Start with “just enough” process and technology