Founded on Success

Orignix was formed to help our clients achieve their full business potential by meeting their complex IT needs. To assist you in fulfilling your objectives, we have established a suite of IT Services that can be tailored to your needs and save you the time, effort and cost of relying solely on your existing team.

We have also developed Vantage RMS, designed to simplify and automate core resourcing operations.

Committed to Your Goals

By focusing on your business needs and understanding your unique challenges and objectives, Orignix becomes a true IT partner committed to helping you succeed. Working closely with you and your team, we will:

  • LISTEN attentively to fully understand your goals
  • INFORM you of progress throughout a project’s lifespan
  • RESPOND to your input and needs as soon as they arise
  • DELIVER quality technical and project management services
  • ADAPT to changes quickly and effectively